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Samuel Williams Leadership Foundation

Sam was an amazing young man who will always be remembered for his beaming smile, great sense of humor, and his helpful nature.  He was a true friend to many and a joy to his family.  He was not afraid of hard work, and was always up for a new adventure or challenge.  Sam embraced the true spirit of Boy Scouts and was Senior Patrol Leader for his troop (over 60 kids) for a year and completed a 4-6 month detail in all of the scouting leadership positions for his troop.   He was known for reaching out and mentoring to the younger boys in his troop.  When he wasn’t leading or mentoring, he was off on an adventure.  Sam participated in one of Scouting’s hardest high adventure trips “Philmont”, which was ten days of hiking in New Mexico with a 60-80lb pack.  On this trip, one of the scouts got injured and it was Sam and two other scouts that split up the injured scouts gear so they could complete the journey as a team.   When Sam was not busy with Scouts he was off riding his dirt bike on trails with his Dad, wake boarding across Deep Creek Lake, skiing, or off taking trips with his family.  Sam attained the rank of Eagle Scout at the age of 15, and his goal was to attend the U.S. Naval Academy.  Sam was looking forward to continuing his excellence in service, academics and leadership.  Sam was always ready to give so much of his wonderful heart to others. 

Sam’s family has established the “The Samuel Williams Leadership Foundation” in his memory. The purpose of this award is to highlight positive and inspiring character traits in youth and promote leadership training for teens.  Sam’s core positive traits were; Trustworthy, Responsible, Uplifting, and Enthusiastic.  These traits are highlighted in the   “Be T.R.U.E Leadership Award” at Wootton High School.  The recipient of the award will be selected from applications from high achieving sophomore students. The “Program” was started in 2014 the first Be T.R.U.E. - 5k run/walk event at Wootton High School on March 22, 2014, in Sam’s memory.

Sam leaves a message to care for others, be positive, and work hard to better yourself every day. The Samuel Williams Leadership Foundation will carry Sam’s positive message into the future.   To donate to this Non-profit program please contact Rob or Cathy Williams at (814) 201-1179 or donate online at:

We Will Remember Him 

In each season of the year, we will remember him.
When the wind blows and the snow falls in winter, we will remember him.
When the buds open and the plants grow in spring, we will remember him.
When the skies are blue and the water is warm in summer, we will remember him.
When the air is crisp and the trees burst into color in autumn, we will remember him.
As long as we live, he too will live; for he is a part of us, as we remember him.
When we are laughing around a campfire, we will remember him.
When we are tired and in need of strength, we will remember him.
When others help us to learn new skills, we will remember him.
When we achieve more than we thought was possible, we will remember him.
As long as we live, he too will live; for he is a part of us, as we remember him

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